Linda Hyatt

Linda Hyatt

Jim and I were so impressed with our interaction with Mitsubishi Barrie when our car was damaged recently by an unknown individual in their dealership lot.

Jim had dropped off our RVR on 07Nov22 to have it’s 24,000 km service and our winter tires installed . When he went to pick up the car, he noticed that the hood was popped up and didn’t look right. When he looked at it more closely he noticed that there had been some damage to the front end of our car. After checking to determine the extent of the damage, Jim and the Sales Manager, Robertino Russo, agreed that the damage must have been caused by a client or visitor to the lot after the car was servicedand left in the lot and not by Mitsubishi.

To Jim’s surprise, Robertino offered to have their shuttle service drive him home. He told Jim that he would send our car to the repair shop to determine what the damages were. He noted that Mitsubishi would pay for the repairs, despite the fact that they were not at fault and that he would call with the assessment of the damages the next morning.

The next morning he called to say that he would call Jim by Thursday to let him whether the repair shop had determined whether there was additional damage and whether they would need to order additional parts or whether there was no additional damage and they had all the parts on hand to repair the car.

Jim was astonished when there was a knock at our door on Wednesday morning. The car was sitting in the driveway in perfect condition as the car was already repaired and ready to go. Robertini had come to personally deliver the car and to make sure everything was to Jim’s satisfaction.

We are extremely impressed by the service that we received from Barrie Mitsubishi and the assistance we were given by Robertino. In fact, we have been impressed with the whole Mitsubishi experience since we purchased the car. Our interactions with the Sales Representative ,Mike TenNapel, the Business Manager, Ric Raiciu and all of the members of the Service Team have been very positive. We have also been very happy with our experience with the RVR.

Jim and I would recommend this dealership to anyone as they have given us nothing but outstanding service.


Jim and Linda Hyatt
Barrie, Ontario