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Service Special

Reg. $145.55


( Oct. 01 - Dec. 01 )

Replace Front Wipers & iTEKT

Add Rear Wiper for $16.16 + tax

2016-2021 Outlander and 2018-2023 Eclipse Cross

$473.00 + HST

RVR and 2022 Outlander

$523.00 + HST


$718.45 + HST

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Reg. $263.80


( Oct. 01 - Dec. 01 )


Install Winter Tires on Rims

4-Wheel Alignment

4-Wheel Tire Balance

* Add Winter Tire Storage for $50.00 (SAVE $10.00)



( Oct. 01 - Dec. 01 )

Oil & Filter Change (5W20 SEMI-SYNTHETIC Oil)

Inspect coolant, brake, transmission, steering & washer fluid levels

Inspect lights, controls, horns & wipers

Install Winter Tires on Rims

Inspect wear & tire pressure (Adjust where needed)

Lubricate locks & hinges

Inspect exhaust system

Reset maintenance reminder

Battery test & alternator test and report

Battery service

Coolant strength test and report

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It's important to keep your vehicle in tune and up-to-date with repairs. Regular auto maintenance can prevent unexpected breakdowns and accidents when you're far away from an auto shop. Maintaining your vehicle can keep you safe and secure on the road, so you can get from place to place without any car problems.